Thursday, January 28, 2010

Networks from here to Tokyo

Yesterday morning I had my appointment with mathematician Ionica Smeets.

She helped me by giving 2 small lectures about the subjects: Why do your friends have more friends. I mean that is always nice to know when you start a project like this. And the 6 handshakes. But to be honest there are cases of fewer handshakes. It actually happened during lunchtime at the university when Ionica spotted a colleague, just eating a big salad.

She had informed him about the project, and he is the type of person that travels a lot and is willing to participate in projects of people he doesn’t know. Before I knew it I gave the rabbit Ionica and I were using for the videos to him. After 2 weeks it is on the way to Tokyo.

I also had the opportunity to give her, her birthday present.  It was a little late, well very late.But if you happen to see a mathematician giving a speech in her pyjamas it must be Ionica!


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  1. Oooh, wat gaaaaf!!!!
    En geweldig die Pi jama :)