Sunday, November 22, 2009

A red carpet for the rabbits and a lot of people!



Here the first photo’s from the rabbit presentation in the gallery HKK Denneweg 64 The Hague. (The rabbit presentation and 2 rabbits you can pick up to join the project are there till 28  December 2009).

The opening yesterday was great! A lot of new invitations and surprising activities for the rabbits coming up!




Monday, November 2, 2009

Speeding up the rabbit production

Speeding up the rabbit production and a new photo from students Lune and Michèle .

This week I can announce the first presentation of the project! I can use the showcase from the gallery Haagse Kunst Kring in The Hague the Netherlands for a first impression of the project and also some of the original art works.

Who happens to be in the Netherlands at the 21 of November between 16.00 and 17.00 at the gallery from the Haagse Kunst Kring Denneweg 64 The Hague we open the presentation. And will inform you about the project with some warm carrot soup.

At the gallery are 2 take away rabbits available till the 28th of December.You are very welcome to take one out for a day, so you can and join the project.

If you are fast I will put your photos, in the showcase from the gallery as long as there is room. And of course also on my blog or, inform people were we can see them if you want to show them on your own blog or other places.

In The gallery in The Hague are photos from Henk Kuipers (Delft Netherlands), Hope Davis (New York USA),Merryn Kritzinger (Montreal Canada), Lune Kuipers and Michèle van Vliet second year’s students at the Willem de Kooning academy in Rotterdam Netherlands. And some of my pictures and original rabbits.

A new photo came in this week from Lune (studies lifestyle and design) and, Michèle (photography). More about them on:      and

The people who join me in the showcase are the very first people who participated together with friends, colleagues and family. Some people like Lune and Henk Kuipers are my family.

Merryn, Hope and the people in their pictures I met for the first time this summer at the artist in residence program in Delft and they were the very first to respond to the idea. It is a great experience so far and I am happy we are able to inform more and more people.

In November Margo Bruininkx starts a chain reaction in Hengelo (the Netherlands). The 28th of November I give her the rabbit.

But………………..and that is why I’ am speeding up my rabbit production this week. The next step in the process is , 5 new rabbits and try to start rabbit chain reactions on each continent.

Europe and North America already have a rabbit for a chain reaction so I’ am looking for people in Asia, Oceania/Australia, South America, Africa and………………Antarctica. I forgot that was the 7th continent. Wauw, Antarctica doesn’t sound easy to reach but you never know. 

To keep the expenses for sending the rabbits around low, I will make a list on the blog every now and then of places were I have connections traveling too so we can exchange the rabbit.