Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rabbit in Maastricht

This lucky rabbit is on tour in Maastricht. A beautiful city in the Netherlands.

Last November when I was there I loved the red tower! And look!

 This is the rabbit staying with the Dutch Purple Rabbit I met while blogging.

Love her blog

So this one is also having a great time, surrounded by friends and rabbit lovers.

Thanks to my cousins Laura and Sjoerd for getting it from here to there,

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Iris and Jan in Georgia (the end)

Well that is not correct I’ am afraid.

Iris came home earlier and is in the Netherlands, but Jan is one of the people who couldn’t fly home because of the volcano thing in Iceland. 

But here a girl in Signagi east of Tbilisi, Jan at the hairdressers and Iris at a thermal evaporation bath.

This rabbit is now with Natuka Vatsadze from group Bouillon in Georgia. We showed her photos at Easter. So now it is going to be a big surprise which rabbit is going to show up and where.

In the meantime I want to thank Jan and Iris for all the photos and contacts and I look forward to meet them and have my first Georgian vegetarian dinner in May.



Sunday, April 18, 2010

New rabbits and news

New rabbits and news

Before we have more pictures from Georgia some news. 

For a presentation I made the hand rabbit. I think I will take it with me to Sweden at the end of the month. I have no time to contact people before I leave cause I have lots of workshops these days. But I think I will wear it a lot and see what happens. This rabbit is leaving from Amsterdam airport the 30th of April (if we can fly) and will drive from Stockholm to Skelleftea and back . From 7 April till 9 April I will stay in Stockholm. Lots of ideas what to do but we will see what happens if we are there. 

Ionica Smeets has put one of the videos we made together with a rabbit on her blog and had 600 people watching her video last week! (blog is in Dutch, the video in English)  

I also made a rabbit for the dutchpurplerabbit . The rabbit is going there by networking so I brought it to my cousin and from there his sister takes it to Maastricht were Nynke picks up the rabbit. 

Friday night I brought it to my cousin in Rotterdam and asked one of my cousins roommates through the intercom to open the door cause my rabbit didn’t fit in the mailbox. The poor roommate had no idea were I was talking about and thought I was an idiot.

I love the funny misunderstandings about the rabbits, and that the network thing is going faster as I thought. 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rabbit in church

Iris and Jan really took the rabbit to some special places.

I wonder how the people in the church were looking at this never seen phenomenon.



Saturday, April 10, 2010

Riga (Latvia)

Riga (Latvia)

From Amsterdam the rabbit had a nice flight to Riga in Latvia.

There Jan and Iris had to wait quiet a while again.

But with a rabbit there is enough to explore at an airport.

Iris and I were surprised about the showcase.

No they don’t sell dead bears etc. in Riga.

This showcase contains things you are not allowed to import in the country.

I wonder are dead bears very popular to have in Latvia? People try to import them all the time?

I have already problems to get everything in my backpack for my trip to Sweden at the end of the month. My sleeping back is quite big and I have to bring it, so what about this bear thing in your suitcase??


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Back to the Airport

Yesterday I had an appointment with Iris Rethy to pick up her photos. I felt like it was my birthday and I was getting this wonderful present.

I also emailed with Marina from in Tbilisi. She met Iris and Jan in Georgia. And she has a really nice gallery.

 Also had a very nice chat with Nienke from the blog You will see in the future were this was about. At this point it is our little secret.

I was very surprised Iris gave me all her pictures wow!. When I came home I spent most of my time starring at the computer in adoration. To show all pictures at once is too much. So I will show you piece by piece.

From Georgia we return to the beginning of the journey of this rabbit at the airport in Amsterdam! Iris had put the rabbit in her hand luggage. 

Every body knows that you spent quiet some time waiting at airports. So a rabbit is quiet a good tool to explore this places, and have fun.

All these pictures are made at Schiphol bij Iris Rethy. 

Next time we will see, the time they had to wait at Riga Airport  (Latvia).


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wow Georgia is really fast!!!

What a wonderful eastern morning surprise.The rabbit is with Natuka Vacadze from group bouillon and her family. Sorry for late answer she writes but besides Iris I never had such a fast response! Thanks a lot Natuka.

She writes about future plans with this rabbit. “My group is planning to make an exhibition next week. I think the rabbit will take part in it. Of course I will send you photos from this exhibition and maybe also the video.

After our exhibition we are planning to send the rabbit to Armenia or Azerbaijan where I know artists, which will be in interest in this project. There are also my good friends and the rabbit will be ok!

I think it’s great. At this moment I’ am struggling with a print on a rabbit. This one will also go to a presentation next week.



Thursday, April 1, 2010


Kurdgeli ,
Or rabbit like they say it in Georgia.Here is the first picture from Iris Rethy on her way to Georgia. The picture is made at Schiphol airport Amsterdam.
She left this kurdgeli in the hands of Georgian artist Natuka who is a member of group Bouillon. The Dutch embassy gave us her address.
Next week I will meet Iris and we will exchange the rest of the photos she made. Iris lives in my hometown and we know each other, but there are also people who bring a rabbit some were, I don’t know. We meet to exchange the rabbit. And that’s it.
Well I can't wait to see the rest Iris! See you wednesday.