Friday, October 2, 2009

The first rabbit on tour

The first rabbit on tour,


The first rabbit photos from the very first chain reaction try are a fact.

Merryn Kritzinger took a rabbit to Canada Montreal and asked her sister

to carry it.

As you can imagine I was over the moon to see my rabbit having a good time in Montreal.


Do you want to know more about this rabbit thing? Scroll down to the very first blog.

Or ask me to send an information letter about this project.


3 and 4 October my atelier at Oosteinde 149 Delft Netherlands is open for visitors from 12.00 till 18.00. In the front window there will be a permanent exhibition of incoming pictures and information.



Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sea Rabbit

Sea Rabbit

Photographer Iris Rethy sent me a wonderful email after I informed her about my project.

She had put a list together with activities she could do with the rabbit. And asked kindly what the rabbit would prefer. Cycle, or watch a movie, or swim. Well swim of course!

I had no clue if I could protect the artwork enough, but the idea was great.

On a wonderful day in August we drove to the sea.We both had expected the beach to be filled with people. But when I parked the car it started to rain. Not very hard and it was also still warm. But we could see lots of people pack and go home.