Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Delft - Amsterdam, missed the Queen

Delft-Amsterdam, missed the Queen

I decided to take one of my rabbits out for a day to see what it is like all those people behind your back.

It is 7 in the morning and I’ am on my way to the station.You see me walking very close to a wall. A layer of ice all over the streets and bridges in Delft. So I’ am happy I made it to the station.

There were trains, what is not shore when weather conditions go a little extreme over here. Oke the sign said this was the train to Leiden, but it proved it was Amsterdam Central station. Yes that was exactly were I wanted to go.

I accompanied my husband to watch some youth theater cause he is buying new shows for next theater season. After 5 dance and theater shows we were done. With a lot of ideas and probably a nice play for School Theater we walked to the station. But around the Palace on the Dam it was crowed with police. And guess what, the Queen was having her new years reception and we were just too late to see the royal family and ministers going inside. Aaah how nice would it be to ask if they want to pose with one of my rabbits.

In fact once, we had a king not related to the house of Orange. He was Napoleons brother. So he was French but tried to talk Dutch.If you are French the Dutch word for king (koning) is hard to say and to him it sounded like “konijn”. And “konijn” means rabbit so he called him self Rabbit of Holland. Mmmm may be I have to think about an orange rabbit. But can I ask the king to be to wear it?


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