Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Arrived in Japan

Thanks to Ronald here are the first rabbit pictures from the rabbit that arrived in Japan.Made on 14 Th. of February Valentines-day! Isn't that a romatic trip fot my rabbit.

The photo is made in Hakone.There are hot springs (Onsen in Japanese).And the rabbit host says they are great.

I don’t doubt it and wished I was the rabbit. I would jump right in.But I love the mountain and the snow too!

The sign on the mountain means (big or Large). I hope it means a large number of people will join the project over there.

The rabbit is now in the hands of an American artist so I’ am really curious what is going to happen. I mean that’s the fun. I sent a rabbit to Japan and it ends in the good hands of an American. I have no clue how they met, and what will happen with my bunny…………………………………..

But that makes this project so exciting and fun.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Why my friends have .......

Why my friends have more friends ( and why that is great!)
For a project like this several researches about networks are interesting to know. 
With the help of mathematician Ionica Smeets I made 2 videos about those subjects. Imagine :" My friends have more friends than I have". And there is proof they do! For this project and expanding my networks that is very good to know. Assuming my friends will help me. And I can tell you they do. !!!! As soon as I have enough sponsors (just started that part of the project) and maybe a grant I think it is not going to be 1 rabbit on each continent but then it will be a rabbit explosion all over the planet.