Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rabbit in the Bali dessa and Alice on Incheon airport

It always becomes a mysterious journey when I have a rabbit with me.
In Bali we discovered the only white rabbit we have seen on the island. Hopping free through the dessa between the rice fields. Like a magician lost his rabbit.
And to make it even more a coincidence we met Alice on Incheon airport!
So what it next I don’t know. Wished I knew.

But one thing is shore big compliments for Incheon airport I enjoyed the free workshops  and activities so much! Wonderful promotion for South Korea!

Monday, August 6, 2012

This is what you call a weaterproof artconcept

Yes I'am back from my trip to Bali. And photo's will follow. But first the I'am back photo. And how this artconcept helps to have fun with the rain showers in this very very wet summer.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Art Rabbit travelling to Seoul Incheon Airport and Bali in July

Summer time! Time to travel, to find new ideas and come back with a backpack of inspiration.

I take one of the rabbits from “art on the move” with me to see if I can find a solution for the project.

I still think of having a lot of portable rabbits showing up in one part of a city or small city for a few hours or a day to have a portable exhibition. 
May be I should give that a try but were on the planet?
And how many rabbits???

Or is creating a community of rabbit owners who share their adventures with the artwork online a very good idea?

Both ideas still feel good so this is a crossroad.

In both cases different sponsors are needed. 
(The experiment with free rabbits was fun but also not working cause they disappeared too fast.)
How to find and approach sponsors will be a complete new experience for me.

Or is crowd funding something for the project.
So a lot to think about this summer.
Love it.

And plenty of time. I have to wait 5 hours at Seoul Incheon airport.



Monday, January 30, 2012

Scandinavia summer 2011

Found some left over photos from my wonderful trip to Finland.
Good life for a rabbit. Makes me feel wanting togo on a rabbit trip right now!

Friday, December 16, 2011

A nun with carrots and what to do?

There was quiet a silent period for the rabbits.
This summer in Helsinki I came to the point some really interesting things were happening. But behind my back of course and I don’t have a camera crew to follow.
So I felt stuck in the project.
I see people with their phones taking pictures of me, pretending they are not.
And then this nun shows up from behind me and starts running towards me with the carrots.
It had nothing to with me but the coincidence was so big and the combination (me and the rabbit) and her with the carrots was super.
But we could not capture it.
So I’ am left a little clue less what to do next to make it all work.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Rabbit/ art on the move reunion in Düsseldorf,

The nice thing about this project is you meet new people.
Sometimes you keep in touch.
And some times you have an opportunity to see them.

Last weekend I had the wonderful option to meet one of the first rabbit art on the move joiners Merryn Kritzinger.
She lives in Montreal (Canada) and I live in Delft (Netherlands).

Yesterday she performed with Cas Public the dance company were she works in Düsseldorf (Germany).
So we stepped in the car and drove to Düsseldorf.
Besides seeing each other we had the bonus to see her perform on stage.   

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Social networks and my Art

After sharing the rabbit blog with my atelier and workshop information it is time to move on.

The rabbit blog is for the rabbit project and the people who have an art adventure rabbit.  They join the experiment how art, social networks and travelling all over the planet can lead to a new approach for art owners and art presentations and that deserves an own platform.

After trying different setting on the Internet I like the blog format better as my website and I also love my online portfolio magazine.
So from now on rabbits on the rabbit blog and the atelier work on

I started this” Art on the move project” with free rabbit artworks. Ionica Smeets gave 2 fun lectures about networks on youtube with one of the art rabbits.
The theory worked she activated her network and over the 1000 viewers watched my youtube site. That is fun, but now the next step:  Besides viewers connect with new customers. But how? Can social media do that also?

Mostly I’ am a little confused by all the social media networks. People talk a lot about how big their network is, and sometimes I wonder if everybody is more into collecting connections like my own old stamp collection. It is very rarely that people tell, how their work benefits from the social networks and what they are doing.

Since free rabbits disappear too fast they are up for sale and sponsorships.
Price €125, - + Shipping costs. Saatchi online galleries has the premiere 

There are always rabbits up for sale in my atelier and you can make an appointment to view my work. You are very welcome life or virtual.