Thursday, January 28, 2010

Networks from here to Tokyo

Yesterday morning I had my appointment with mathematician Ionica Smeets.

She helped me by giving 2 small lectures about the subjects: Why do your friends have more friends. I mean that is always nice to know when you start a project like this. And the 6 handshakes. But to be honest there are cases of fewer handshakes. It actually happened during lunchtime at the university when Ionica spotted a colleague, just eating a big salad.

She had informed him about the project, and he is the type of person that travels a lot and is willing to participate in projects of people he doesn’t know. Before I knew it I gave the rabbit Ionica and I were using for the videos to him. After 2 weeks it is on the way to Tokyo.

I also had the opportunity to give her, her birthday present.  It was a little late, well very late.But if you happen to see a mathematician giving a speech in her pyjamas it must be Ionica!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

LSD trip

LSD trip for a rabbit.I’ am not joking.LSD is lifestyle and design. 

These ladies study LSD at the Willem de Kooning in Rotterdam the Netherlands. And as you see they took this rabbit out there for a new magazine they have to create. 

So while I stare at my computer screen all day, writing and fill in all kind of papers and forms for an allowance for the project. ( you don’t want to know how this works over here.)  My rabbit is having more fun in Rotterdam.

This one has a new appointment scheduled next Wednesday. Mathematician and one of the "mathematician girls", wiskunde meisje Ionica Smeets is giving me 2 little private lectures at the University of Leiden. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

WDK rabbit drying

This is the WDK rabbit as I call it. Friday it is going on a trip to the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. Second year’s lifestyle and design have to create new magazines and my rabbit project is joining one of these projects.

Last Sunday evening we had an interview. Jolanda had the tough task to make photographs of me. I am the kind of person who freezes as soon as I see a camera. 

I think the rabbit is going to a meeting with their teachers but I’ am not shore. Well I’ll see what happens.

One thing I want to improve at the moment is the way you have to carry them. A little bit more fancy and surprising ways to carry the rabbits would be nice. And it is also very important that the straps or belts are adjustable.

The pictures and print comes from one of the things I love to do, and that is making long hikes. Here I’ am wearing shoes and covers to stop the leeches from cowling up. This time I was not the most wanted person for the leeches, so I really enjoyed walking in the Nam Cat Tien national park in Vietnam.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rabbit mythology

Some people are very good in picking up a rabbit while I'am not around and suprise me these days!
I love it!
Thanks Leo !

rabbit   liset van dommelen
minotaurus  oskar
idea and photo  leo van druten

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Delft - Amsterdam, missed the Queen

Delft-Amsterdam, missed the Queen

I decided to take one of my rabbits out for a day to see what it is like all those people behind your back.

It is 7 in the morning and I’ am on my way to the station.You see me walking very close to a wall. A layer of ice all over the streets and bridges in Delft. So I’ am happy I made it to the station.

There were trains, what is not shore when weather conditions go a little extreme over here. Oke the sign said this was the train to Leiden, but it proved it was Amsterdam Central station. Yes that was exactly were I wanted to go.

I accompanied my husband to watch some youth theater cause he is buying new shows for next theater season. After 5 dance and theater shows we were done. With a lot of ideas and probably a nice play for School Theater we walked to the station. But around the Palace on the Dam it was crowed with police. And guess what, the Queen was having her new years reception and we were just too late to see the royal family and ministers going inside. Aaah how nice would it be to ask if they want to pose with one of my rabbits.

In fact once, we had a king not related to the house of Orange. He was Napoleons brother. So he was French but tried to talk Dutch.If you are French the Dutch word for king (koning) is hard to say and to him it sounded like “konijn”. And “konijn” means rabbit so he called him self Rabbit of Holland. Mmmm may be I have to think about an orange rabbit. But can I ask the king to be to wear it?


Monday, January 4, 2010

Dutch Classic

Dutch classic

Haha this morning I was unpacking the rabbits and photos that stayed at the gallery. In my photo bag I found an unknown envelop! ART ON THE MOVE was written on it.

Artist Peter van Loon also picked up a rabbit and tries to warm the rabbit with some Dutch “jenever”.

Photo taken 21st of December 2009. Notice this detail, Peter is wearing wooden shoes! This picture is a real Dutch classic!


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Also Gouda new years evening

My favorite photo, thanks to Lune Kuipers for the Photoshop work! I’ am looking forward to receive Jaap Mulders video from the same night!

Friday, January 1, 2010

A happy,healthy, fun rabbit year

A happy, healthy, fun rabbit year.

2010 is the year of the rabbit for me!

( photo my friend Alianne last night at a bridge in Gouda Netherlands)

After a rabbit silent period it is time to start 2010 with new plans and ideas. Appointments I had to skip are in my agenda for the next moths. We are working on a plan to have a rabbit on every continent this year. And are looking for support.

Are you willing to start a chain reaction with a rabbit especially people living in or traveling to South America, Africa, Australia/Oceanie and Antarctica please contact us. Or maybe you are traveling and willing to take a rabbit from one location to an other.

The idea is that we sent you a portable rabbit as long as your continent has no rabbit. You start the chain by taking the rabbit out and make pictures, a video, a drawing, a poem, or a story about your adventure and sent it to ateliervandommelen@hotmail or Of course we screen the material if it is appropriate to watch for every age!

When you are done give the rabbit to some one else with the same instructions.May be you meet some one while making your trip with the rabbit who wants to participate?

Don’t be scarred your rabbit ends up in a garbage can cause that’s all in the game. But it will be fun to see were we can make the longest chain and see on the blog were the rabbit is!