Friday, January 1, 2010

A happy,healthy, fun rabbit year

A happy, healthy, fun rabbit year.

2010 is the year of the rabbit for me!

( photo my friend Alianne last night at a bridge in Gouda Netherlands)

After a rabbit silent period it is time to start 2010 with new plans and ideas. Appointments I had to skip are in my agenda for the next moths. We are working on a plan to have a rabbit on every continent this year. And are looking for support.

Are you willing to start a chain reaction with a rabbit especially people living in or traveling to South America, Africa, Australia/Oceanie and Antarctica please contact us. Or maybe you are traveling and willing to take a rabbit from one location to an other.

The idea is that we sent you a portable rabbit as long as your continent has no rabbit. You start the chain by taking the rabbit out and make pictures, a video, a drawing, a poem, or a story about your adventure and sent it to ateliervandommelen@hotmail or Of course we screen the material if it is appropriate to watch for every age!

When you are done give the rabbit to some one else with the same instructions.May be you meet some one while making your trip with the rabbit who wants to participate?

Don’t be scarred your rabbit ends up in a garbage can cause that’s all in the game. But it will be fun to see were we can make the longest chain and see on the blog were the rabbit is!

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