Sunday, April 18, 2010

New rabbits and news

New rabbits and news

Before we have more pictures from Georgia some news. 

For a presentation I made the hand rabbit. I think I will take it with me to Sweden at the end of the month. I have no time to contact people before I leave cause I have lots of workshops these days. But I think I will wear it a lot and see what happens. This rabbit is leaving from Amsterdam airport the 30th of April (if we can fly) and will drive from Stockholm to Skelleftea and back . From 7 April till 9 April I will stay in Stockholm. Lots of ideas what to do but we will see what happens if we are there. 

Ionica Smeets has put one of the videos we made together with a rabbit on her blog and had 600 people watching her video last week! (blog is in Dutch, the video in English)  

I also made a rabbit for the dutchpurplerabbit . The rabbit is going there by networking so I brought it to my cousin and from there his sister takes it to Maastricht were Nynke picks up the rabbit. 

Friday night I brought it to my cousin in Rotterdam and asked one of my cousins roommates through the intercom to open the door cause my rabbit didn’t fit in the mailbox. The poor roommate had no idea were I was talking about and thought I was an idiot.

I love the funny misunderstandings about the rabbits, and that the network thing is going faster as I thought. 

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