Thursday, April 8, 2010

Back to the Airport

Yesterday I had an appointment with Iris Rethy to pick up her photos. I felt like it was my birthday and I was getting this wonderful present.

I also emailed with Marina from in Tbilisi. She met Iris and Jan in Georgia. And she has a really nice gallery.

 Also had a very nice chat with Nienke from the blog You will see in the future were this was about. At this point it is our little secret.

I was very surprised Iris gave me all her pictures wow!. When I came home I spent most of my time starring at the computer in adoration. To show all pictures at once is too much. So I will show you piece by piece.

From Georgia we return to the beginning of the journey of this rabbit at the airport in Amsterdam! Iris had put the rabbit in her hand luggage. 

Every body knows that you spent quiet some time waiting at airports. So a rabbit is quiet a good tool to explore this places, and have fun.

All these pictures are made at Schiphol bij Iris Rethy. 

Next time we will see, the time they had to wait at Riga Airport  (Latvia).


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