Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dancing Rabbits

Dancing rabbits

It was a lovely Sunday morning in July 2009 in the Poptahof Delft. When I had my first rabbits out on the open air.

Unfortunate the wind was blowing a little loud through Henning’s Goetzkes wonderful music. So the video sound is a little imperfect. I hope we will find a way to fix it, cause it was great.

Canadian dancers Jasmine Ellis and Merryn Krizinger performed 4 times with the bunnies.

It was a pity that a young boy was stopped by his older brother when he wanted to run into the scene.

Not visible are dance photographer Hope Davis from New York and theater manger Henk Kuipers from Delft Netherlands they took pictures. 

The wonderful music is from Henning Goetzke from Germany 

You can see their pictures on 

 www. and

music Henning Goetzke

Merryn Kritzinger has a blog

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  1. Liset, wat is dit leuk!!! Die disciplines bij elkaar, echt gaaf!

    Gaaaat vooral zo doorrr!

    Liefs, Margo.