Saturday, September 19, 2009

art on the move /rabbit road movie

art on the move/ rabbit road movie
This project started quite a while ago.
Being an artist who also studied dramatic arts my search to create my own art-forms is my passion. 
With this project I started to research new ways to present and promote my works of art. Create an opportunity to collect a lot of personal experiences, views, photo and film material from different people on my work. And share the photo /film material, stories and experiences of people involved on different platforms.
I have chosen my rabbits work (rabbits telling stories), cause it is such a personal work based on my memories and family history, but also very visual. 
 I created some portable rabbits and asked people to carry them around.
the start
The whole process started to roll when I worked in Flatland, a project in Delft June/July 2009.There I met Canadian dancers Jasmine Ellis and Merryn Kritzinger.
They loved the concept and came up with the idea to make a dance performance with the rabbits.
Together we picked the prints from my screens and created 2 danceable rabbits. This performance was filmed and photographed by different people.
More people signed up or came with ideas to take the rabbit with them. And now the ball is rolling.
Chain reaction
A person hands over the rabbit to another person and so on. See if it is possible to start an Internet chain reaction project around the rabbits were people could share their photos and video’s of the artwork.
People interested can contact me to participate.
In the meantime the first pictures from the first chain that started in Montreal Canada are a fact.
This whole film en photo process will take place from the 5th of July 2009 till the end of summer 2010.
In the meanwhile we will develop ways to share this rabbit tour and experiment with as much people as possible.
This is the begin.
There is much more photo and film material, and a lot more to tell about the project.
This is just the start.

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