Friday, June 29, 2012

Art Rabbit travelling to Seoul Incheon Airport and Bali in July

Summer time! Time to travel, to find new ideas and come back with a backpack of inspiration.

I take one of the rabbits from “art on the move” with me to see if I can find a solution for the project.

I still think of having a lot of portable rabbits showing up in one part of a city or small city for a few hours or a day to have a portable exhibition. 
May be I should give that a try but were on the planet?
And how many rabbits???

Or is creating a community of rabbit owners who share their adventures with the artwork online a very good idea?

Both ideas still feel good so this is a crossroad.

In both cases different sponsors are needed. 
(The experiment with free rabbits was fun but also not working cause they disappeared too fast.)
How to find and approach sponsors will be a complete new experience for me.

Or is crowd funding something for the project.
So a lot to think about this summer.
Love it.

And plenty of time. I have to wait 5 hours at Seoul Incheon airport.



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