Thursday, March 10, 2011

Social networks and my Art

After sharing the rabbit blog with my atelier and workshop information it is time to move on.

The rabbit blog is for the rabbit project and the people who have an art adventure rabbit.  They join the experiment how art, social networks and travelling all over the planet can lead to a new approach for art owners and art presentations and that deserves an own platform.

After trying different setting on the Internet I like the blog format better as my website and I also love my online portfolio magazine.
So from now on rabbits on the rabbit blog and the atelier work on

I started this” Art on the move project” with free rabbit artworks. Ionica Smeets gave 2 fun lectures about networks on youtube with one of the art rabbits.
The theory worked she activated her network and over the 1000 viewers watched my youtube site. That is fun, but now the next step:  Besides viewers connect with new customers. But how? Can social media do that also?

Mostly I’ am a little confused by all the social media networks. People talk a lot about how big their network is, and sometimes I wonder if everybody is more into collecting connections like my own old stamp collection. It is very rarely that people tell, how their work benefits from the social networks and what they are doing.

Since free rabbits disappear too fast they are up for sale and sponsorships.
Price €125, - + Shipping costs. Saatchi online galleries has the premiere 

There are always rabbits up for sale in my atelier and you can make an appointment to view my work. You are very welcome life or virtual.

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