Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Making a rabbit for Georgia

Making a rabbit for Georgia,

Last month we had a surch for photo material from my mother. My father died in December who kept the photos we were looking for in his workplace.But it was all gone????

For Georgia I had a music rabbit in mind. Tribute to my mum.My mother was a music teacher and singer with a beautiful alto. Her voice is the most dominant memory I have of her. Cause it is a beautiful warm voice.

Iris (photographer), and Jan (singer) , (who are visiting Tbilisi next week) and my mother on a rabbit would make a good trio for the project.

The pictures from my parents are extra special cause my parents don’t have that much photos because my father was a very bad photographer. And my mother doesn’t even know how a camera works. She is not interested in making pictures at all. 

But my mother searched and found a picture from her self as the conductor from the church choir in le Pouzin France. They lived in a small village close to le Pouzin for more than 20 years and she plaid the organ in church and conducted the church choir. She also handed her tuning fork over to me. So you see each printed rabbit has a very personal story.

I had to cut the picture a little into peaces.That’s the problem with the rabbit shapes. Most pictures are not made to fit on the rabbit. And to make a print out of it was not simple. It looks like a print of a very old picture, were peaces changed color. 

The hare on the photo is a gift from my daughter Lune. She gave it to me this weekend. Oke it is not a rabbit but a good luck symbol of a hare. But we call it a lucky rabbit .

I love the little backpack on its back. I always have small and big backpacks and was a backpack teacher for several years. This is an extra teacher to support handicaped children on normal primary schools. I assisted 2 boys with Down syndrome.

My daughter received the hare and a big bottle of proseco for finding some ones Iphone last Saturday night. In the backpack  of the hare was a little note. So sweet.


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  1. Wow! The rabbit for Georgia is really beautiful!