Sunday, December 13, 2009

A rabbit silence (in loving memory)

A rabbit silence (in loving memory)

My dad

Jan Marinus van Dommelen

 23 April 1916 – 8 December 2009

Although the opening of the art on the move/rabbit road movie in The Hague was a big success. And there are a lot activities coming up in 2010. Some meetings and rabbit exchanges didn’t happen because my father was seriously ill for a while. Last week in the age of 93 he died in his sleep at home.

It was a very special time. So I share one of the rabbits I made for my dad .The text is in Dutch but it is John 15 verse 12 from my wedding bible as it is given from generation to generation.

At the end of the month I will continue the rabbit project.

Right now I’ am printing a skate artwork with the help of people and children who work in my atlier and my own children. The work can be seen in Delft at the Beestenmarkt and will be up for sale for charity at the 4th of January in Delft.

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